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Tonight: Charles conducts the Hungarian Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra in a Hungarian, Polish, Czech celebration


Karol Szymanowski: Concert Overture

Endre Szervánszky: Serenade for Clarinet and Orchestra

Antonín Dvořák: Symphony No. 9 "From the New World"

Milan Rericha – clarinet

Conducted by: Charles Olivieri-Munroe

Ticket prices: 7490, 5490, 3490 HUF

The fact that Poland is situated between two superpowers, Germany and Russia, often led to tragedies in the history of the Polish people. However, in Szymanowski’s music, it isn't the case: In his Concert Overture, Wagner and Richard Strauss' music gets mingled with the Russian music traditions, of course, from a Polish perspective. Endre Szervánszky’s Serenade was completed in 1950, a dark period in history where music was the only tool to express optimism. The programme ends with Dvořák’s great classic, his Symphony ″From the New World″, which was written in the US, and American music history can be justifiably grateful to it. Still, it recounts the experiences made there in the Czech language with a Czech heart.


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